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Creation of an online shop: the main stages

Many people consider creation of an online shop as an easy and clear task. There is no need to rent and equip the office and hire staff. The only thing you need to do is pay for key ready online shop and get your profit. In fact, it is not like this: making your market place work requires considerable development. Its success depends on the number of factors. If there is a close cooperation and productive interaction between a company and a developer, there is an efficient online shop.

There are several main stages of creation of an online shop. First, a manager should get to know clients and learn about their sphere of activity, set clear goals for client’s business. Any minor detail can greatly help develop the online shop. You will get new online opportunities if you conduct such a detailed monitoring.


Second – technical task development. This document will be the guideline for our team of specialists while developing the design, making-up, programming, and testing your marketplace. Personal engine for your marketplace is selected at this stage (CMS – content management system). When the client approves all the points of the technical task, parties sign an online shop development agreement.


The direct creation of the online shop goes through a number of quite time-consuming stages. Everything begins with the development of architecture that will meet all the standards of usability. The more clear and user-friendly your website is, the more traffic you will get. Its structure is aimed at a wide range of users who will easily understand its work.

Next stage is the most creative one – design. A designer should develop and present several creative ideas for the client. After that, the client makes some corrections and chooses the most suitable option. The cost of creation of the online shop will depend on the scope and complexity of the work. Making up and programming start when the client approves the design layout.

The final stage involves content filling and quality control. After that, we place the website on the client's domain and set up the hosting. In addition, the client receives the detailed instructions for working with a new resource. Well, the next step is to break a bottle of champagne over the bows, and launch the online shop.


That is where it gets more interesting in creating the online shop. It is not enough just to set up a sales point. You need to attract a buyer. Otherwise, the price of your online shop will be equal to nothing without the turnover. The development of online business with the help of competent marketers is the final stage before going online.


The main stages of an online shop development

Our main goal is creating a quality product that will become an efficient base for the development of your business on the Internet. In this case, properly structured work outline is an integral part of creating the online shop. At the stage of development and approval of the technical task, the client should think over the smallest details and answer all questions of the manager. Eventually, all this will become an instruction for our specialists. Since clearly defined objective is the key to its successful implementation. That applies to other stages as well: individual design, selection of a unique domain, content filling. We hearken to every request of our client, so we guarantee the optimal result!


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analysis of competitors' market

collection of useful chip data

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technical task + mockups

creating a layout design

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site placement

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product quality control

testing of layout, functional

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The technologies we use to create online shops


Components of a successful online shop

The creation of online shops is a kind of art, where technology is intertwined with creativity. You can distinguish several components of a successful online shop, that will guaranteed bring profit and work sustainably for a long time.

Selling design.It is not the matter of a beautiful picture. When creating the architecture of the online shop, the designer should take into account the buyer's psychology, harmonious combination of design and usability. The site should be simple, convenient and user-friendly. In addition, it is important to be aware of the main latest tendencies in web design to use them in a way that maximizes success of the online shop. A useful practice for the client will be our portfolio - the examples of online shops presented here will help evaluate the skill level of our specialists.


Uninterrupted work.The creation of the online shop presupposes its stable and constant profit. This requires a steady number of customers. In this case, attractive design and interesting content is not enough. The development of the online shop also requires optimal conditions for its high-quality work. Quality hosting and technical support provide its reliable engine. Our specialists will help you pick all the key components of this formula.

User-friendly navigation.Entering your website, the buyer will use the internal search system to find the necessary product. The task of the online shop is to simplify this process to the maximum extent possible. So, before you order the development of the online shop, think over all the categories of goods to be presented here. This will be taken into account when creating your online shop. It is important to design user-friendly filter system to help your clients search for a necessary product. The easier and faster your clients find product they are interested in, the more guarantee there is that they will return to your online resource.


Information on the products.Another essential component of an efficient marketplace is a detailed description of each product placed on your online shop. Therefore, it is necessary to provide photo, specifications, reviews, payment and delivery conditions, etc. So, when you decided to order creation of your online shop, think over the content to be processed by our specialists.

Information on the products.Call for action. Mostly presented as a button that prompts a visitor to a certain activity. There may be several options on your website: "add to cart", "buy", "learn more", "and order".

Marketing activity.Creating online shops is not limited to launching the website. After all, it is necessary to attract new clients and encourage current ones to purchase again. Therefore, there is no way out without an effective marketing plan. You should include promotion of your website in search engines, newsletters, advertising on social networks, constant content update, campaigns and sales, bonus system for regular clients and surprises for new ones.


High-quality service.Development of the online shop should include such option like feedback. You should be ready to answer all the questions from your clients and react to any reviews. In this case, communication plays a crucial role. High-quality service will ensure the success and popularity of your website on the network. After all, a satisfied client is a regular client.