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What is the difference between parser and grabber?

Grabber— is a special program used to collect data from external internet resources.

Parser— is a software product that allows you to break the code received from grabber. Parser analyses received data using these parameters, and after processing, provides the result in a way convenient for you.

Do you need grabber in every case?

No. Grabber is necessary in those cases when data you need is difficult to get. For example, using API or XML uploads.

Within this service, it is possible to perform one-time parsing or write a special adding that will collect the required data on demand or in automatic mode according to a schedule.

For storage of the received data any format convenient for you is used
To bypass locks, or faster parsing, you can use

What tasks can parser solve?

The main benefit of this solution – is time and human resources savings for adding and updating information on your website, such as: prices, availability, photo, description, specifications, etc.